It is the surgical specialty that is used to diagnose and treat pathologies of the nervous system. The intervention of neurosurgeons is involved in the treatment of vessel damage following a stroke, cerebral and aneurysm rupture, as well as head trauma and hematoma extraction. Neurosurgery also involves treating benign or intracerebral cancerous tumors including pituitary gland surgery.


In this context, and at the Clinic Reefak El Feth intervenes to relieve the pain related to diseases of the nervous system such as the affection of the brain, meninges, skull in adult patients and children. And the analysis of the functioning of the nervous system from the biochemical level to the behavioral level as well as the treatments and surgical interventions.


The extra-cranial carotid and vertebral arteries and pituitary gland disorders and all conditions that may require spinal fusion therapy are diagnosable through neurosurgery.