The clinic Reefak El Feth is a specialized institution in obstetrics, gynecology and surgery.


Our obstetric gynecology service is a center of excellence and enjoys a national reputation. Its business is organized around the monitoring of pregnancies and especially high-risk pregnancies, maternity and medical and surgical gynecology.


Motherhood is fully active by his environment (medical services and surgery, adult intensive care, neonatal intensive care and pediatric), they allow the management of pregnant women with severe maternal pathologies, or a birthing risk very premature or mal-formative fetal pathology requiring specific neonatal care.


The maternity clinic Reefak El Feth is a maternity classified type 2 which means to say that we can accommodate babies born prematurely at 7 months pregnant in need of resuscitation intense because we have a neonatal unit in the second floor that can accommodate the new born according to his needs.


Motherhood offers ultra modern facilities, both in terms of its equipment as its architecture (delivery rooms and work – Bain expansion – epidural Possibility 24h / 24h – sophisticated equipment (monitoring – STAN).


All hospital stays will be in single rooms with an experienced caregiver for, every day, to lead to better, your support and that of your child.


The maternity service is available 24H / 24 by an efficient care.


The service also provides all gynecological surgery (fibroids, ovarian cysts, prolapse …), the laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.


Ambulatory surgery is privileged and allows the woman to arrive in the morning fasting to the clinic and go home at night.