Endoscopy is supported by a technical platform with cutting edge technology to provide our valued professional patient care, safety and personalized. Interventions within a framework will ensure that you security for your support.


Interventions by endoscopy are:


  • GI endoscopies
  • diagnostic and therapeutic gastroscopy
  • long colonoscopy, diagnostic and therapeutic
  • short colonoscopy, diagnostic and therapeutic


With a good quality material, we enable to achieve efficient examinations colonoscopies and endoscopies under video diagnostic visa.

Flexibility, short waiting period for access and friendly environment are most of our endoscopy service.


In addition to endoscopy, our clinic offers several other explorers services: medical imaging scanner, cardiac exploration, endoscopy, etc.


Shorten the hospital stay by guaranteeing the same quality and even safety of care, these are the objectives of endoscopy services.